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F locks of macaws and other parrots are in constant activity around the Colpa all morning. Groups will settle on one or two ridges and work it for awhile. Others will join and there will be a flurry of regrouping. Scuffles break out over a prime spot and the whole cliff will clear of birds occasionally like an alarm going off. A flock of Macaws at the Colpa

Macaws on the Colpa rom across the river you can appreciate the full scope of the feeding display. In the picture above, Blue and Gold, Scarlet and Greenwing macaws take to the air as a group and circle the area before landing again. In the picture to the right, a large group of macaws works a ridge of the cliff.

Predators, such as Roadside hawks, lurk in the area, so the birds are constantly on the lookout for danger. Sentry birds in the trees above call out a warning to the flocks below on the cliff.

Most of the birds have left the clay lick by late morning and on rainy days they usually don't come at all.

Blinds at the base of the cliffThe blinds at the base of the cliff offer an up close and intimate view of the colpa activity. The are built of palm fronds and are only large enough for you to sit or kneel in. You enter them before sunrise, then wait in the rising heat for the birds to come. But it's well worth the discomfort. You are surrounded by the sound and sight of the flocks. The sound of their calls is overwhelming at times and they drop clay on the top of the blind as they forage.

Amazons, macaws and pionus up close
Mealy amazons, Scarlet macaw, Blue
headed Pionus
Macaws landing on the cliff
Blue and Gold, Scarlet and Chestnut-
fronted macaws
Mealy amazons and mystery birds
Mystery birds
Mealy amazons on the left and mystery
birds on the right. A close up of a pair of
mystery birds in small picture.
RedBellied and Chestnut Fronted macaws
Red-Bellied macaws and Chestnut-
fronted macaws.

he mystery birds have been identified as Barraband's Parrot (Pionopsitta barrabandi) by Mr. Randolf Berry. Bravo! Thanks to Cyril Laubscher, Ron Kasper and the Laurets who also responded with the correct identification.



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